Indoor Parkour Course and Freerunning Classes at Tumble Tech

Welcome to Tumble Tech Parkour and Freerunning. Tumble Tech is Austin's Newest World Freerunning Parkour Federation Academy. Our program is taught by 4 WFPF Certified head coaches as well as WFPF Assistant Coaches.

Our Program Teaches:
  • Parkour
  • Freerunning
  • Tramp Wall Acrobatics
  • Ninja Warrior Elements
  • General Body Weight Strengthening
  • Flexibility
  • Range of Motion

What is Parkour?

"Parkour is a training method designed to expand an individual’s vocabulary of movement, allowing a skilled practitioner to “flow” efficiently and creatively through any environment, “over, under, around or through” the obstacles in his or her path (“KNOW OBSTACLES, KNOW FREEDOM!”). Derived originally from the French martial art, “parcours du combattant” or “the path of the warrior”, modern parkour has grown beyond the goal of simply finding the most efficient path and now embraces elements of more creative movement as well (freerunning). Though there are distinctive moves that still serve as the foundation of parkour—the kong and other vaults, tic-tac, lache, cat, precision and wall run to name a few—practitioners will also borrow elements from other disciplines such as capoeira, martial arts tricking and acrobatics to add flair to their “runs”, defining their unique personal ”lines” from point a to point b. For teaching purposes in a gym setting, WFPF certification and curriculum (the only Parkour certification and curriculum recognized by USAP) cover five categories of movement, floor skills, vaults, bar work, wall skills, and when available in a safe and supervised environment, trampoline to aid in the development of spatial awareness. As a student progresses, the height at which they can safely train and the combination of movements in a routine should be carefully assessed." - USA Parkour
Parkour Class Descriptions